Going ‘Naturalista’ is the New Trend


Hello Ladies,

Its time to go way back. Some 10 to 15 years ago, if a lady came out in public with natural hair, it would have been received with a curious mixture of frowns, stares and all kinds of expression that readily comes to mind, from other ladies.

You had to be fashion backward to be wearing natural, unpermed hair, most people thought. But times have changed and drastically too. Going natural is the new trend and many ladies are now transitioning from permed hair to join the ‘naturalista’ trend.

We carefully selected products that will nourish your natural hair and leave it lustrous all the time.

Castor Oil

For your hair temple and nape, this is your perfect solution. Castor oil is made from seed extracts that are essential for a stronger, longer and healthier hair growth. Try this and we promise you will be hooked for life.

Natural hair


Hair Conditioner

Because we are in a tropical region where the weather tends to be always hot and dry, hair conditioning is of paramount importance. So the simple trick is to always keep your hair conditioned.

Natural hair



Hair Shampoo

In order to eliminate frequent build-ups of hair treatments you may have used over a period of days, it is very necessary to always wash your hair to keep it clean and fresh.

Natural hair


Coconut Oil

After washing and conditioning your hair, styling comes after. Enrich your hair with essential oils and coconut oil is one of them. Coconut oil can help protect your hair and also leave it conditioned all day long.



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This article was written by Aisha Aburime