Guess What Is Coming Soon? Win a N5,000 Jumia Voucher


It is intense, it’s a rush, it’s big, it’s a wave, it’s the truth, it’s a machination, its endemic, it’s coming soon and it’s going to be an explosion!!! Be careful, you undeniably want to get caught up in it. Yes! You read right!

Heed the clarion call! Jumia is going to break down every cyber door because the moment of truth is now or never and would leave you in awe.

Is your style sexy, sophisticated, glamorous, techy or edgy? Maybe all at once? Would you like to put square pegs in round holes that fit perfectly? You need to keep up with Jumia, because this train is electric.

It would come as swift as the speed of light, hit you like a bad habit and leave you like Oliver Twist. It is nothing short of a mastermind. Do not be ‘afeared’, the pie is mouth-watering, enough to go round and everyone would grab a piece of it.

It is a beauty in the eye of every beholder, an eclipse of cyberspace, an alignment of the stars, a mystery that defies man and a void within that would fulfill every ember fantasies.

This phenomenon is 11 letters; it comes once in a year. Whenever it comes around, it is frenzy all over the internet. What is it? Guess right and win a N5,000 voucher. Place your answers in the comments session.

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  1. It is call 11-11 That is November the eleventh sales day when buyers has got to enjoy massive online discount on goods

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