Happy Father’s Day


Father’s day is all about celebrating fatherhood. It’s celebrated all over the world in a variety of ways.  Yeah, some people would ask “Can’t you appreciate your father every other day?”  Well, I’m my personal opinion, it’s definitely a great thing to be a father and to have one too. In fact, I believe every man should be celebrated on Father’s Day, because we wouldn’t have fathers without the men.

So it’s here, do you have anything to give your father on that day? We’re not going to go the whole cliché yard on here; instead let’s just try out a few items that would definitely make sense for Father’s Day.

  1. A mobile phone – Depending on the kind of father you have, any kind of phone can be awesome to him.  Mine would rather go for one that serves him the basic functions – calls and text messaging. But any way, like I said, it all depends on the preferences.
  2. Smart pair of shoes – This ones always a good one.  There are many shoe brands that will surely be perfect for your dad. If he’s the strict corporate type, formal shoes will do. If he’s a sports man and loves to have fun, then how about a pair of sneakers?
  3. A good bottle of whiskey – Look up a very good bottle of whiskey for your dad. Most of them enjoy a good moment with a good drink. You never know, that single bottle of rum could completely make their day. As usual, whenever something big happens in the family, trust that he’ll go scoop up that bottle of old rum from his wardrobe to celebrate.
  4. A wrist watch – There’s nothing like a perfect time piece. My dad, for one, will definitely appreciate a good wrist-watch; well, not like he has a choice. You can look through our amazing collection of wonderful time-pieces and pick one for your amazing dad. He’s surely worth it and more.

There are many more items that would fit perfectly for your dad on Father’s day; a box of cigars, a bottle of perfume, a camera, a hair-cutting kit, etc. Feel free to look through our selection of gift items for fathers. Also, don’t forget to have fun on Sunday; hang out with the family and enjoy the moment. Father’s Day is also a celebration of love

Happy Father’s Day from Jumia Nigeria.