Here Is Why You Should Buy – The Samsung Galaxy S6 !


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is an early frontrunner for the phone of the year crown. Mobile phone purists, critics, fans and observers alike were for once all able to agree on one thing: The Samsung Galaxy S6 can’t be contended with. If Samsung decided to close up shop today, they would do so knowing very well that they left when the ovation was loudest. The Samsung S6 debutted without as much marketing vigour as seen with the Galaxy S4 or as much anticipation as seen with the Galaxy S5 but it was arguably raked up more  acclaim than both combined.

Here is why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Your Current Phone Is Not Just As Beautiful

If there has been any constant criticism dished out to Samsung over the years, it was that Samsung had so far been unable to strike a perfect balance between design and functionality. Not anymore! The Samsung S6 Edge is so beautifully designed that it would make an iPhone jealous. It has all the right curves in all the right places! If you consider yourself aesthetic and a lover of art then you definitely should have an eye on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Your Current Phone Does Not Run On Android Lollipop

Experience the sweet new take on Android. From the bold, colorful and responsive user interface from new ways to control when and how to receive messages, you deserve to experience this new lease of life. We would tell you about the Android TV, Tap and Pay and how the Lollipop OS can power your car but we don’t want to turn you into a fiend.

Your Current Phone’s Camera Is Not As Intelligent

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 16 megapixel rear cameras. Chances are that the number of quality smartphones that can match the camera of the S6 can be counted on ones hands and chances are your current phone does not make the list. The Samsung Galaxy S6 also comes with super fast launching camera to help you capture split of a second kodak moments. The autofocus tracking technology helps you capture moments in motion and ensures pictures are steady when you are not,

Your Current Phone Does Not Have The Super Charging Feature

Take a second to digest this. Imagine charging your phone for 10 mins and having up to 4 hours of usage. It is astonishing to think the lengths which have been taken by Samsung to ensure that you never have to spend time away from your smartphone. The Samsung S6 charges fully in just 85 minutes and so you realize that you are never too far away from a full charge.

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    1. Hi! The Samsung S6 duos sells for N150,000 while the Samsung S6 Edge sells for N187,940. Thank you.

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