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The journey of a thousand miles begin a pair of heels and some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without one.

Nothing beats a pair of gorgeous high heels, when it comes to looking gorgeous. They come in different designs and patterns that suit to various kinds of outfits. This is why I say “the heels have eyes”; they are good with any outfit. It just gives this sense of ‘ bossiness’, if you know what I mean. They make a lady’s legs look longer, which gives her a taller look. A lot of guys would say they love a lady in heels, while some would go with any. Guys am I right (that’s if any guys is reading this)? Truth be told, they can emphasize a woman’s femininity and even make her more attractive. Some ladies even feel like a little more height would give them that boost (empowerment) they need.

How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heels? I have personally selected a few that would sweep off your feet.
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