How To Be The Perfect Guy


James Bond’s lines, Chuk Bass swag or Michael Ealy’s looks are awesome on screen, but do they really work in the real world? It’s one thing to get the lady to like you- if you are lucky, you just need to be spontaneous, confident and relaxed. However, if you ask yourself how to sweep a lady of her feet, perhaps be the perfect guy. You need to put a little more effort and imagination to leave her curious and also pleased.

Guess you eager to have that lady you have been longing for all to yourself. Here are few tips to make you the Perfect Guy but not overly obsessive like Michael Ealy:

Have impeccable hygiene. No lady wants a guy with dirt under his fingernails, grease stains on his clothes, and a scruffy hair. Any guy with a girlfriend, sister or mother should know that women pay more attention to every little detail than you would ever notice.Take a shower, shave but if you have to be part of the beard-gang, do it neatly. wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wear deodorant and get an appealing fragrance. You will be surprised at charming effects Fragrances have on ladies.

Sweet Fragrance. Smelling good is always a good business and a huge turn-on for girls. Putting on a nice cologne increases your level of attractiveness from 0- 100 in a second. This does not mean you need to spray a whole can of Tom Ford on yourself before a date! Simply shower daily (again, girls love clean men) and apply a bit of cologne or body spray, you are good to go. Stick with one scent, that way when she smells that specific scent she will think of you!

Be a Gentle Man. Chivalry is still very much in vogue for the ladies! Open doors for her, pull out her chair, don’t burp or fart in front of her, say “please” and “thank you”. Little things just makes the heart grow fonder.

Be fun and spontaneous. Take her on spontaneous day trips, get her surprise gifts, kiss her when she doesn’t expect it, take her to fun places like the beach, make jokes with her, or dance with her.

Be romantic. Romance has never gone out of style! Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to spend the bulk of your-hard earned on a romantic dinner for two at 4 Points Hotel. Yes, that would be romantic, but it’s really the little things that make ladies go crazy! Leave her little notes, call/email/text her just to see how her day is going, send her love letters  attached to a teddy bear telling her she’s beautiful, leave a single rose on her doorstep.

With these few tips on how to be the Perfect Guy, every man should know that every Lady has her own vocabulary, learning to speak that language would make her grow fonder.