Huawei Tech Bloggers Roundtable


What exactly could the occasion be that will make these renowned techies from all around the country take a break from their extremely busy schedules to make the trip down to the Ginger Tapas & Grill? You guessed right! It is the Huawei G-Power. All top tech bloggers made Huawei their point of destination to catch a glimpse of the Huawei G-Power on Tuesday, 9th of February, 2016 at the tech bloggers roundtable. 

Huawei tech bloggers roundtable

It was virtually a Brand versus Blogger showdown as both camps had the opportunity to dissect pressing questions about the Huawei G-Power after an exciting hands-on experience. The battery capacity summing up to 4000mAH was brought to the fore along with its ability to charge other devices; its 13mega pixel camera and exquisite picture quality as well as its ability to snap fleeting images left the techies with gaping mouths.

Huawei G power - tech bloggers roundtable

What you would do to be the first to get this jaw-dropping device? Not to worry, the device is already available for pre-orders and you can also subscribe to our newsletter to get first-hand information about the Huawei G-Power. Be sure to join in on the countdown to the launch of the Huawei G-Power which holds from the 15th of February, 2016 by clicking here!