Interview Tips | Dress To Ace


Make no mistake–you are being judged as soon as you walk into the room and the interviewer has made an initial impression of you in the first few seconds they see you based on how you look. That may not be fair but it is reality in many cases.

Fashions come and fashions go, but style remains, and, for both formal and informal interviews, there are a few hard and fast rules. Here are a few tips to kick you off on a right start

Formal look: This is for persons going for white collar jobs. The bankers, Insurers and such. A typical suit is your best bet but it doesn’t mean you can’t involve personal style. Get creative with the details like pocket squares, ties and lapel pins.

interview tips

Smart casual look: This is for the fashion, media and advertisement companies. These kinds of industries permit a greater exposure of personality than the formal places. As such, for shoes, try Brogues instead of Oxfords, also lose the ties and chinos in place of suit pants.

how to dress for an interview

Industry centric: This refers to the service industry, for example, waiters, attendants at cinemas. There isn’t exactly a strict dress code for these guys but you want to dress such that you are seen as a professional. If you have to wear jeans, don’t let them be ripped. Try a polo shirt, instead of a tee shirt as well. Anything that spells ‘take me serious’.

interview fashion tips

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