My Awesome J-Force Story


Hi Guys,

I am Davidson, the top seller for Jumia in 2014, representing the Jumia Force in the South south. Here is my story. The J-Force program is a fantastic opportunity for earning clean and legit money and also building a small but highly profitable business. I wake up some mornings torn between going out to sell or just taking a day off for myself, after all I am my own boss. One of my success recipes is that I let it settle in my mind that I am “Jumia Nigeria” and not just a seller for the Brand but a part of a world class team revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in Nigeria.


I started out by first buying a few things from the store,, the sales turned out great and in no time I got promoted rapidly to the Silver level. Then I began to communicate more often with my supervisor and I got a lot of help from her, which helped me double my sales within the shortest period of time. My point here is that information is key. Interact with your supervisors like your life depends on it, because frankly they have your best interest at heart. Your success means their success, and Our Success is Jumia Nigeria’s Mission. Shortly after, I was made a captain just by simply making sure I placed awareness for upcoming promotions, extra freebies the company had for customer. My adverts were seen daily by more and more people.

Today, I don’t have many adverts but all I do is Just raise awareness about the Jumia brand, the Program itself (JForce) how it has empowered me and thousands of youth out there. Every day as I step out with the aim of driving more sales, I make a commitment to myself and to my Business, making sure the model remains in everything I do “Your success, Our Mission”.


This job is amazing and thrilling for the most part, however, there are down times when customers don’t get satisfied and you are called to fix the situation…But that is the fun as well, every time you solve a problem, its fulfilling.
Lastly, the best part is the fat pay checks! Do yourself a favour as an agent, be “Jumia Nigeria’ and embody the model “Your success, Our Mission” with this trust me your pay checks will be worth your time. Click now to start your journey to financial freedom.

Have a great week!
Thank you

Duru, Port Harcourt

This article was edited by Adams Kuamdeen and Aisha Aburime