JForce and I; My JForce Experience


20150225_121014 (1)My name is Olajumoke Osuagwu, the Area Supervisor of the Jumia Sales Force in South South Nigeria.

After a long day of phone calls and several emails back and forth to JFORCE Agents, all I want to do by 6pm is switch off!

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to “disconnect” from my Passionate and Zealous South-South Agents. They find a way to catch me via BBM and Whatsapp. Weekends are no exception, the calls keep pouring in. Welcome to my world, I am a Jumian, a JFORCE Supervisor for South-South Nigeria. I used to get upset until I took a moment to really understand what the opportunity of JForce has been and can be to an Agent….. a life line and a backup plan.

Jforce is the only clean business I know that anyone can start with little or no capital, in fact no capital. It is amazingly free to join. Agents enjoy free trainings, agents have access to tools for success and are constantly being encouraged to make a living for themselves. Right now in the South-South, I manage about 2000 agents. I have the most interesting job ever! I have become friends with so many interesting, hard-working and intelligent people. The common goal is to be successful and earn fat cheques. It’s a great league and the competition is fierce in this Region. Our goal is to have Agents reaching out to people in the “unreached” areas. After all, Jumia has competitive prices and a wide range of products in various categories. Frankly, the sky is the limit for Agents, loads of easy money to be made.

I have several professionals and non-professionals on my team, from Surgeons to Lawyers, students to full time housewives. Jforce has become a melting point, a place for meaningful connections and hardcore learning. We gather to share experiences and tips, all because everyone wants a better tomorrow.  For some, JForce is full time business, for others a part time business. In the past few months, I have learnt that to be successful in the program, you must take the following steps:

– Try Jumia first! Truth is, you need shop on the site for yourself to see how it works. That’s the only way you will be able to testify about Jumia to others!!

– Sell something small and easy first. You do not have to rush to the 100k electronics. Start with something as little as toiletries for example. Everyone eats! Jumia carries groceries too

– Read up articles online. Read books on best practices, ask questions from people who have done your kind of business successfully.

– Ask a lot of questions from potential clients. Get a feel for what their needs are. For example, find out what milk your neighbour’s baby drinks, find out your best friend’s shoe size

– Educate your clients. Tell them something they already don’t know or explain further on things they already know.  For example, have you told anyone about LG’s new Gen cool air conditioner? (Or you do not even know about that yourself???) You cannot sell what you do not know. I encourage you to know www.Jumia.com.ngvery well. Get a feel for every category.

– Be the proactive initiator. Help your clients find solutions to their problems and be quick about it.

So from me to you, JForce is indeed a program whose mission is to help you succeed. Those who Join JForce now have joined the Best program ever!

This article was written by Olajumoke Osuagwu and edited by Aisha Aburime

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