According to Lee Morris, “The road to success for 99% of people isn’t a jump! It’s a steady incline from one successful project to the next”. Amazingly, this sums up the story of J-Force.

It is 2016, and it ushers in great opportunities for business lovers. Looking back in time, when the J-force program started and the first J-Force annual conference, it has been nothing but a miracle. The J-Force program started out with 15 agents and grew to over 5000 agents within a year. A big applause to all the agents who have referred friends/family and our ever-performing recruiters who have worked endlessly to get us the right talents. 3 GBOSAs to all of una.

Duru Davidson stole the show at the last conference going home with the highest prize for the day. A total of 5 winners were rewarded. The attendees would attest that it was a night to remember and a historic one for the J-Force community. The Conference held at the Jumia office on Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja and an after party at La’Mango Restaurant Ikeja. Indeed it was a milestone for the team and a dream come through.

Jforce annual conference

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The key message for last year’s conference was simple “JFORCE WILL GROW BIGGER”, Indeed we have grown bigger. Every record we set in 2014, we broke in 2015. Everywhere we went we turned heads in admiration of our efforts and dedication. All these feats we achieved because of our reliable workforce of over 40,000 agents. Yes 40,000 agents who have dedicated their time and efforts to making the J-Force dream a reality. 2015 will be a shadow of what we can achieve in 2016 and beyond.  There is no ‘I’ in “TEAM” and yes, it is what “WE” can achieve! Together we are in this…Your success, Our Mission.

Jumia Jforce

Who would be celebrated at CONCAF 2016?

“The purpose of battle is to attain the greatest heights within your own limits.” ― Yukito Kishiro

This year, the annual J-Force conference is set to be bigger, better and exciting with more winners. Head of Sales Jumia, Guillaume Raffy hinted that the experience will be unique, interesting and knowledge imparting. In his words; “CONCAF 2016 will be an avenue to learn a lot more. We have lined up interesting events to cover core areas that can improve the lives of Nigerians; entrepreneurship, principles of wealth building and more importantly how to be a successful JForce agent”. He further explained that the conference will be rolled out per geographical region in J-Force with SW-Lagos hosting the first conference in February. The keynote for this year is “J-FORCE IS HERE TO STAY AND MAKE MORE LIVES BETTER”. New champions will be celebrated as well as efforts at category level rewarded.

It will be a day packed with loads of giveaways, food and drinks and ……….. Wait for it!!! (Insert your wish from J-Force)

10 Facebook users will be given special invites to the convention, to stand a chance to get an invite, follow us on:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jforcenigeria/

TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/JforceNG

Tell a friend to tell a friend, and the friend tell Nigeria that “J-FORCE IS HERE TO STAY AND MAKE MORE LIVES BETTER”



  1. Wow…Looking Forward to this soon! Time to Network & Upgrade!

  2. I believe that one day JFORCE will be a most and popular medium of success in our country Nigeria and beyond, I look forward in be part of this great channel of wealth. Together we stand JFORCE

    1. Hi Deji. The conference is regional. The details of the date and how you will be able to get tickets would be communicated to you soon.

    1. Hi Rafiat. You would not be paying to get in and the date will be communicated to you soon.

  3. It will be nice to attend.. Pls can I get information on the time and date …and likely the venue.. Jforce is a motivating factor to be creative and forceful in your business dealings., I have been open to more areas of business innovation because I AM A JFORCE MEMBER ..now a captain.

  4. I joined JForce in Warri and now I’m in Lagos. Can I still participate in Lagos??

  5. I believe it will be better than all the Jforce conferences that have come and gone..What is the date, time and venue?

  6. Hope this conference would allow us to take a holistic view on where we are coming from,where we are and where we are going.

  7. When is it coming up. pls I need an up date on this. Pls hope to hear from you soon.

  8. cant wait to b dere oh!!! dis is my first tyme need to b there!!! J-force ride on!!!

  9. This sounds captivating beyond measure. No doubt, J-Force has made sales and marketing more interesting & has also made some Nigerians self employed. Hope to be there, God willing.

  10. Yes we are ready!!! “J-FORCE IS HERE TO STAY AND MAKE MORE LIVES BETTER”… I can’t stop until our lives becomes better than better!!!

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