Up Close with Joy, a JForce Member


JForce: Hello and good day, it’s good to have you here.

Joy: Hi! Good to have you too.


JForce: Can we meet you briefly please?               

Joy: My name is Joy Ogar


JForce: What do you do originally apart from being a Jumia sales consultant?

Joy: I work for an Architectural firm.


JForce: Please kindly share your most amazing success sale story so far.

Joy: Hmm! The journey has been a very interesting one. I joined Jforce late last year.  Originally since I discovered Jumia Nigeria, instantly became an addicted customer shopping from the store for all the things I needed for that period, from phones to clothes, shoes, groceries, toys and more…As time passed people around me got to know about the convenience of how well I shop and our low I get my products at best deals and prices, so at that point I was able to testify Jumia to people. That really worked for me because convincing people was a lot easier after I decided to become a Sales Consultant. So far so good that has been my success story to me; being able to sell with the trust and commitment I give to my buyers. I wear Jumia, eat Jumia, play Jumia…


JForce: We will like you to share a few tips for achieving good sales performance

Joy: I do a BBM Broadcast and share with my contacts. I use very interesting items on sales for my DP, and I also talk to my friends. I find out what shoes sizes they wear, dress size and the likes. I make sure all orders are delivered to me, I inspect the items and send them to my clients if am satisfied with them. In the case where my client rejects and item or orders, I collect them and pay back the cost (a sacrifice am ready to pay for the satisfaction of my customers) this has helped in building trust between my client and I.


JForce: What has been your Motto/model for driving sales in the Jforce Program?

Joy: Success.


JForce: Thank you for your time and we wish you great success!

Joy: Thank you and God bless you.

This article was edited by Adams Kuamdeen