Fancy Financial Freedom? JForce is the Answer!


Hello People,

I’m Chinonye. I am a JForce member operating from Jumia South-Eastern Region. My tale can be categorized as being a very adventurous one. Barely four months ago, I had never experienced online shopping and didn’t really know much about it. But with the help of Jumia and the JForce Team, not only do I know a lot, but have been able to actively participate in online business activities. I have had great support from my wonderful supervisors and I also share ideas with other agents.

So far I have learnt how to gather information about products and their features, knowing my customers and their needs, comparative study of the local market side by side with Jumia’s unparalled products quality and affordable prices, using that information to endear my customers not just to the convenience of online shopping but to Jumia’s dedication to customer satisfaction and service delivery, making sure the products reach my customers and watching them smile in satisfaction. Then it gives joy afterwards to hear statements like “can I have another of that product” or “a friend of mine saw it and liked it and wants one” or better still “bring that your laptop, there must be some other stuff I’d like to order”. I also learnt how to quickly give alternatives and make corrections in few cases where expectations were not met

I actually started with my colleagues, then my neighbors and friends. Then I even began to introduce Jumia to other businessmen and women and JForce to my friends from all over the country who need to be economically empowered. One major tool in moving forward in the Jumia business as an agent is testimony. When you know a product is good and have seen it work, then you can convince someone to buy it especially when you know where and how to get it. One of the best ways to do this is to have a list of such products you use yourself. My phone, printer, power bank, some of my shoes and clothing were gotten from Jumia and when I use them, even when I have no plans of speaking, they incite questions as to where I got them and the testimony begins.

I started being active in  late December, 2014 and despite the fact that I have no pickup stations in my state, which really made it tough for me, I still place orders for items almost on a daily basis. In terms of hierarchy or position, I have not really gone far. In fact, I recently became a Bronze Agent but with the way I’m going, I’m very sure I won’t stay on that level for long.

I tell you, there’s nothing like having extra income coming your way every month and being a master of your business schedule. So keep lets aim higher and not relent. It can only get better and more rewarding.

-Chinonye, Enugu

This edited by Aisha Aburime