Jumia Best of 2013 – What Nigerians Bought Online in 2013


“Jumia Best of 2013”

Online shopping habits in Nigeria have grown over the last year, with Nigerians shopping for everything from big to small items across the country. In 2013, the shopping trend in Nigeria did not only focus around the purchase of Fashion Items, but the business saw a massive increase in the purchase for Gadgets, Electronics, Books, Home Appliances, Groceries, Beauty Products, Baby Products, Event Tickets Online.

With the data gathered from our website in 2013, here are the top 10 products across categories showing how Nigerians shopped last year.

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  1. [rad-hl]Mobile Phones[/rad-hl] (Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, Tecno Phantom)
  2. Samsung & LG [rad-hl]Televisions [/rad-hl]
  3.  [rad-hl]Dresses[/rad-hl]
  4.  Dell [rad-hl]Laptops[/rad-hl]& Infinix Tablet
  5. [rad-hl]Male Shoes[/rad-hl]
  6. LG [rad-hl]Washing Machine[/rad-hl]
  7. Elizabeth Arden [rad-hl]Perfumes[/rad-hl]
  8. Accidental Public Servant [rad-hl]Book[/rad-hl]by Nasir El Rufai
  9. Mama Gold Rice
  10. Bathroom Towel

Nigerians love shopping and tend to get excited along with the high demands for the hottest gadgets, especially when they have been launched in America. They start looking for where to buy the gadget and the first place they check online is Jumia.com.ng. In this case in 2013 [rad-hl]Jumia Nigeria[/rad-hl] implemented an online pre-order option allowing customers to pay ahead to receive the latest gadgets when they are released in other countries. JUMIA tried this new feature with Blackberry Q10, Samsung Note 3, PlayStation 4 and more gadgets. It proved to be a success, with high subscription rates and customer interest.

The business also noticed that shopping trends are apparent with festive seasons. Nigerians will buy specific types of products at celebratory times of year around gift ideas to spoil themselves and their loved ones. During the 2013 Christmas holidays, we identified a new trend where Nigerians bought a lot of bags of rice and oil to give out to older members of their families along with clothing, home appliances and gadgets for their own personal use.

This Article was Written By Olamide Amosu

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