Jumia Cyber Monday |Ten Reasons to look forward to Mondays

If the start of the work-week triggers overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress–you, Cyber Monday is sure to brighten not just your day but make you look forward to Mondays.
With the Holiday season creeping up faster than ever, it is the best time to find awesome deals at at very huge discounts for, your family and friends.
As college students who don’t have much access to a huge mall and stores, online shopping is our number one go to outlet. Luckily Cyber Monday is here just in time for great deals and here is a list of the top ten reasons to participate in the online fun.
1. You can shop in the comfort of your own home on Jumia! Grab some hot chocolate, slip on your most comfy clothes and socks, play some good music and shop away!
2. You will get similar amazing deals on Cyber Monday as you would on Black Friday online
3. FREE SHIPPING! A lot of retails offer free shipping as an extra part of their deals, which is amazing because it’s like you are shopping at the store, just worry about receiving your merchandise, Perfect!
4.  Living in an area that isn’t around a big city, we don’t have quicker access to malls and stores that participate in black Friday. Cyber Monday definitely ensures you can catch all the excitements missed.
5. Perfect time to grab holiday gifts for your family and friends at a great price!
6. If you are getting gifts for others and won’t get a chance to see them this holiday season, you can send it right to them as a gift!
 7. Cyber Monday also includes shopping from your cell phone using the amazing Jumia app. You can quickly purchase your items with just one tap of your finger, how cool is that?
9. If you could not buy items on Black Friday because they sold out before you got your hands on them, don’t worry because Cyber Monday has you covered!
10. You can enjoy doing with friends! You can have a fun Cyber Monday party, grab goodies, hang out together, and shop away, finding fun deals and sharing your findings with one another only helps!
Have Fun and Shop your Monday away!

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  1. This is simply why I love to shop on Jumia. Always have something new in stock for its customers @ mouth watering prices. Thank You Jumia you are just the best!!!

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