Red Alert- Color Me Red


“Color Me Red”

How do you describe fashion without defining the colors that make up fashion. It is like describing a lipstick without color. It is impossible! Colors make up the best part of fashion which is not new because when you review the hottest trend from the 50’s to the 60’s, you will notice even stars like Marilyn Monroe in her best shoots wore hot red lipsticks also prepping up a lot of her fashion in simple yet provocative colors.

There is nothing like the drama and attention Red brings to an outfit. It is easy to say red illustrates creativity, style and also fashion in a way. The shades of red which are almost countless put together make up an amazing mix if styled well. Red is known to be a power color and a lady in red is not only in power but she strikes up a pose like she’s in charge. In this post I am identifying the hottest red color pieces from our fashion and gadget collection that can turn up your look any day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.20.19 PM

[rad-hl]Mac Seductive Lady Danger Coral Red Lipstick[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Hot Hybrid Ruched shoulder Bodycon Red dress[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Jane Norman Peplum black band pencil Red Skirt[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]O’eclat Designs Emma RedĀ Ankara Print Purse[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]L’reve piece Red twisted Bead Necklace[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Red Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]Shoe Republica wylisa Red with Gold stripy Heels[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]New York & Co Layered Ruffle Neck Top – Red[/rad-hl]

[rad-hl]iPhone 5 Phone Red Flip cover Case[/rad-hl]

It is the Power color ‘We will color you Red in style. Click here to shop for more Red pieces in our store.

This Article was written by Olamide Amosu