Jumia Fashion: Meet Some Of Jumia’s Most Fashionable Staff


The apple does not fall far away from the tree! Jumia Fashion is the home of all things fashionable and Jumia staff have come all out to prove that the fashionable trend runs in the family. The very stylish people who roam the corridors of Jumia cut across various departments and the exquisiteness of their dress sense is a testament to the fact that Jumia Fashion is the one stop fashion destination. Lets meet some of our fashionable staff, find out their hobbies and how we can shop the look!

Meet Alaezi
Aleazi Akpuru is a member of the celebrated Jumia Style team. In a world today where everybody declare themselves content developers, Alaezi definitely stands out as a class act and leader in her field. Her hobbies include collecting shoes and magazines and playing poker.

Jumia fashion

Get her look
Chiffon Shirt – N4295 >>> http://bit.ly/1D8SkSL
Duster WaterFall Blazer – N6,995 >>> http://bit.ly/1Ip6Odc
Leather Leggings -N3,995 >> http://bit.ly/1IGr2pb
Edgy Spiky Earrings – N1,395 >> http://bit.ly/1Jsn9mC
Layered Drop Necklace – N3,195 >> http://bit.ly/1SL1Ltv

Meet Bertille

Bertille Guitton is the Head of PR and Communication Jumia Nigeria. She is charged with the responsibility of coordinating Jumia’s social media, PR and communication campaigns. She loves to sip champagne & discover underground fashion designers.

Jumia fashion

Get her look 
Bodycon Dress – N5,995 >>http://bit.ly/1KylI7O
Leather Jacket – N4,995 >> http://bit.ly/1I95o7C
Heeled Mule Shoes – N6,495 >> http://bit.ly/1H2ruXx

Meet Tunde

Tunde Akiode is the VP of Fashion Jumia Nigeria. He has an impressive CV which a lot of people can only dream for. Heloves to travel, read & play tennis. His style is what you call laid-back smart


Get his look

David Wej Shirt – N7,795 >> http://bit.ly/1DOuk2l
Uppsala Chinos – N2,495 >> http://bit.ly/1D8C30x
Black Derby Shoes- N5,095 >> http://bit.ly/1glTyQC