Jumia Marks Children’s day Empowering Secondary School Students


‘Next Generation of Tech’

When we were growing up, our teachers always told us we were the leaders of tomorrow which turned out true. The growth is in stages and continuous as we have grown to become the future leaders that the younger generation now look up to. To mark the children’s day celebration in a new way, Jumia planned a fun filled career placement open day for the students of Dansol Secondary school in Lagos.

You should have seen how excited the students where when they saw the work environment. Most of them said ‘I will like to work here with you guys’. They had a tour around our e-commerce campus, they met people, made friends ‘especially with me’, they worked with different teams, they took over our call centre, they played games and a lot more fun activities they were up to yesterday.

It was almost like a throw back for me ‘I wanted to go back to being a student again to enjoy all the things the students got up to yesterday.

They spent a whole day that ended with Lunch and receiving the Jumia’s baddest Goodie bag. Can you imagine what was inside the goodie bag? You don’t want to know.

Anyways, Children’s day was fun at Jumia and here’s a summary of the entire day of fun.

In the Jumia warehouse children's day

students 3 students 4

students 5 Students 6

Students 9 Students 10

Mercy Chukwu of Dansol speaking to a Jumia customer Students 11

Students 12 Students 13

Students 14 Students 15

Students 16 Student in the studio

Students 18 Students with Jumia Staff and their teachers

The students of Dansol sure had a lot of fun at Jumia Nigeria Yesterday. We look forward to seeing them soon

Happy Children’s day in Arrears

This article was written by Olamide Amosu