Jumia punches its way through the Naira slump with the Best price


+Who has gotten a hand on the Punch newspaper this morning? We were welcomed into the week with an interesting article which is ultimately based on a fact that all our loving customers already know about Ecommerce; Jumia is punching its way through a complex economic situation with the best prices! The article is by Ozioma Ubabukoh and is on page 53 of the Punch newspaper. It is titled “E-commerce remains competitive despite naira slump”.

Regardless of the Naira entering into a tail-spin, performing woefully against other currencies weakened by a slide in oil prices and general risk aversion to Nigeria’s assets; there are a lot of positives to be taken from the Ecommerce. According to the Ecommerce expert, Azeez Adeosun, “Jumia is on average 17% cheaper than Konga and a gap which only gets wider with smaller Nigerian e-tailers”.

According to Ozioma, “Jumia currently controls 50% of the market share and this can be attributed to their roburst understanding of the Nigerian market by bringing products to Nigerians at the lowest prices.”

To butress the point, on Amazon, the iphone 6S retails Gold retails for $799.99 which when converted goes for N293,596.33 while on Jumia, the same costs N210,000. The Lenovo A10 Mini Touch 10-1 inch Android Netbook goes for N30,400 On Jumia but you need to dig deeper into your pocket to purchase the same at Konga for 49,990. You will have to cough out a whooping N73,000 to purchase a Polystar split unit air conditioner on Konga, but can save about N20,000 to purchase the same at N52,000 on Jumia. The Djack HomeTheatre which is available on Konga at N38,500 but is avaiable on Jumia at N27,687.

Adeosun further added that “Jumia has forged formidable partnership with many top brands. Their exculsivity to new entry android phones which are affordable even to low income earners have given them an edge”. An assertion to the best prices on Jumia, uncompromising quality and a means to an end for driving diversification in a non-oil reliant economy.

Nothing can be more exciting than getting value for your hard earned money in this harsh economic climate. The little money you save on individual purchases make up a large sum of money overtime. Jumia has definitely cut the mustard as the largest online e-retail store in Africa, in terms of best prices and uncompromised quality! What are you waiting for? Go for the best! Go for Jumia!