Jumia Nigeria Staff Are Fabulous – Celebrating Traditional Day In Style


Hey Guys,

So it is traditional day @jumia today. The traditional costume‐themed day kicked off with staff integrating as they shared opinions about the colorful blend of traditional attires that filled the office environment.

The highlight of the morning was the random photo sessions amongst staff. The traditional day saw the guys in various attire ranging from agbada, baba riga to the regular kaftan.jumia, ladies, jumai, jumia nigeria, But what kind of show would it be without mention of the traditional attires adorned by the ladies; there were the iro and buba’s, the oleku’s, one notable bridal attire from the Bini kingdom (fully clothed in wrappers and coral beads), and an array of gele’s tied in all directions; as expected wouldn’t have been a costume day without such a resplendent showing from the ladies.

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“Reinforcing its commitment to maintaining a workplace community where contribution, cooperation, and fun are key to its core, the traditional day gives employees an enjoyable way to express their energy and imagination at work. This is surely an initiative we would be exploring across various themes moving forward.



As can be seen the traditional day fosters an enthusiastic, energetic atmosphere and helps strengthen employee pride in self and country”, explains co-founders Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde.

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From Left to right:- Raphael Afaedor, Tunde Kehinde

According to the Human Resource Associate, Ebi Osobase, “The traditional theme day is to promote the team’s ethnic background in Jumia being a multinational and diverse company with people from different parts of the world. We celebrate such days to help stimulate creativity and free thinking among staff while building a sense of camaraderie. From the excitement within the workplace, this is a trend we will look into as a way of fostering integration among staff”.

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The highlight of the day was the award of gifts to the best dressed male and female staff, which indeed was a tough call as staff left no holds barred in dressing to the occasion.

But  don’t you guys think our head of customer service, Pauline Ekwueme (below) is clearly in the lead……..





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