Keeping Up With The Beard Gang


I believe most ladies love a bearded man, and I can testify to it although I have other tempting qualities besides my beard though…*winks*.

It is only right you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Unfortunately, not all men can grow a beard, blame it on genetics and no, methylated spirit or weed doesn’t work!

A beard, like a relationship, requires dedication, commitment, closed ears and eyes to the comments and looks of the horrific public eye, especially during the growing phase.

  • The hitch is not for the weak: Once your face starts to itch, a shave is needed asap. Most guys give up and head the clippers. The first huddle towards becoming a member of the beard gang is to completely ignore the itch. You might also apply some cream to relieve you of the itch.
  • Leave the clippers be: It is understandable to get excited and start shaping your beards once they get to a noticeable amount. Don’t touch it! Atleast not yet! Remember you choose the path. Think of it as a ritual you need to perform to join the beard gang.
  • The struggle is not for everyone: Many are called but few are chosen. If you have endured the cave man phase and for some reason you still have the scraggly looking strands. I am sorry but it is time to take a chill pill on your beard gang journey.


To the anointed ones! The Beard gang members! If you have a bae with natural hair, this will be a breeze for you.

  • Thou shall not wash with bar soap. Using a bar soap makes your hair brittle. A moisturizing shampoo is your best friend.
  • You can go around stabbing ladies with prickly bears while trying to give a hug. Use a leave-in conditioner (the type you don’t have to rinse out)
  • Oiling your beards keeps it soft, crisp and smelling good
  • Have a routine schedule with a good hair clipper to trim of split ends, keep it neat and presentable.
  • Your beards might also be hungry and grab a few crumbs for itself. Take small bites and eat slowly, but if you are in front of your cave, you may gobble away.