Kimono is the New Black


Kimonos have been around for quite some time but lately our ladies seem to be rocking much of it.  Kimonos are multi-purpose in their nature. They can be worn for several occasions and can be styled in many different pretty ways.

African-star-kimono_ Kimono

Play with colors and prints when choosing your kimonos and when accessorised with the right ensembles, you and your gorgeous self are so good to go!

ac70469327a7fb42bccfdfe7f29d96ac Kimono

You can also create a DIY kimono all by yourself with soft fabrics you no longer use or any other soft fabric with prints that catch your fancy. It is that easy to be stylish!

Kimono Shell-Flower-kimono-23

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This article was written by Aisha Aburime.