How A Laptop Saved My Life : HP Stream 14


Let me tell you a story! I had a business presentation out of town. I was running late to the Airport. At check in, I was waved over by the front desk. “No laptop sir, looks heavy”. “Errm! Excuse you! This is an HP STREAM 14“. I blurted. “I don’t care. Can’t go on board” she replied.

My response: “Weigh it”.

Within 10 minutes I was on board going up north. Needless to emphasize how my seamless presentation nailed my brand a prestigious client. Back in Lagos, on arrival, the front desk lady ran after me and said: “I have never met someone so obsessed with their Laptop before”

.HP Stream 14

With a smile, I sat her down and offered her a lecture on HP Stream 14:

With the Hp stream 14, you get to save your files on the cloud storage and you can access it anytime,anywhere. you wont have to worry about losing files from virus infections or hard drive damage. “Quite a wonderful innovation!”,she said,excitedly…

HP Stream 14

I went ahead, “for those of us who don’t like carry heavy laptops around, this is the perfect choice for you as it is thin and light in weight and also has 14” screen size as opposed to the usual 15.6 ” laptops mostly found around”, she nodded in agreement. 

Then I went ahead,telling her about the sound output with the “BeatsAudio” speaker inside, the HP Stream is designed for the best-sounding, richest audio on a PC.

Here are other key features of the HP Stream 14 that I mentioned to her,

  • Processor: AMD A4 Quad Core-1GHz
  • RAM & HDD: 2GB, 32GB eMMc
  • Webcam
  • OS: Windows 8
  •   HP Stream 14

After telling her about the laptop, right where we were standing, she thanked me and brought out her phone to call the Jumia Customer Service so to place an order for the laptop. I just smiled and boarded a taxi out of the airport.

Moral of the story: If it’s not HP Stream 14, It can’t be HP Stream 14.

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Photo credit: Google