She Leads Africa: Fatoumata ba and Evangeline Wiles Roll-Out Entrepreneural Tips


What happens when two ingenious women meet? The result is definitely mind-blowing and is sure to sweep you off your feet. Do not fear, Jumia has a soft-landing for you. In a meeting that turned out to be an insightful episode for entrepreneurs organized by She Leads Africa, the MD of Jumia Nigeria, Fatoumata Ba and Evangeline WIles, former MD of Kaymu had an over flow of quotes for entrepreneurs

Feel free to digest these quotables from Fatoumata Ba and Evangeline Wiles.

She leads Africa

  1. By joining a global start up, you are creating a track record and building a knowledge base from existing ventures – Evangeline Wiles
  2. Joining a global start-up can be a major accelerator; you get to learn from your mistakes– Fatoumata Ba
  3. If you don’t have the network to leverage for knowledge or funding, create one – Evangeline Wiles
  4.  Ideas are only 20%; the remaining 80% is execution – Fatoumata Ba
  5. Self assessment is key, be aware of your weaknesses and strengths – Fatoumata Ba
  6.  It is very important to start small and test your idea before scaling
  7. Customer experience is key. There is no point spending a lot on marketing with poor customer service – They both kinda said this, Fatoumata started it and Evangeline finished the thought.
  8. Don’t be afraid to look like you don’t know what you are talking about, ask questions – Evangeline Wiles
  9. Learn from other people’s and ventures’ processes- Fatoumata Ba
  10. If you want your business to succeed, you need your hands dirty and get it done – Evangeline Wiles
  11. Have a good understanding of what is driving your business and so you can adapt when plans don’t work  – Evangeline Wiles
  12.  Joining a Global Startup is a good way to build a network, gain knowledge and experience and establish a track record -– Evangeline Wiles
  13.  The goal of any marketing initiative is to be well known at the least possible cost – Fatoumata Ba
  14.  Always set costs, incentives and penalties when outsourcing or working with a third party.
  15.  In establishing processes, start with your idea then test it in real life. Also, your process must be scalable, very important – Evangeline Wiles
  16. Don’t be afraid to appear like you don’t know what you are talking about because first, you really don’t know and second, there a lot of other things that you do know – Evangeline Wiles
  17. When considering the logistics service you want to use for your e-commerce business, always consider scale, cost and customer experience – Evangeline Wiles
  18. In deciding to work with an incubator or accelerator, you should know what they are offering, seeking and figure out if the requirements work for you – Fatoumata Ba
  19. To implement your idea, start small, get your idea validated, then scale. Always be clear on what your value proposition is, who your customers are, what are your costs and benefits – Evangeline Wiles.
  20. Try out processes yourself. For every process, the MD has to be the expert at it -– Evangeline Wiles
  21. Ask yourself what is your motivation – Fatoumata Ba
  22. If you want your business to be successful you need whatever it takes to get things done – Evangeline Wiles

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