Lego! The most Creative Toy for Every Child


Hi J Fam,

Welcome to the 90’s where ‘ten-ten’, table soccer, creative games and toys were the staple of those glory years. No fancy iPads or Laptops. Only pure creativity. Parents were in the know and showered every privileged child with toys like Barbies, toy cars or building blocks.

Feeling nostalgic? LEGO!


While Barbie, toy cars inspired us to create our fantasy action movies, building blocks aka LEGO did the opposite; kept us calm and compelled us to explore our creative minds. Houses, schools, cars, you name it. We wanted to build them all. The idea of creating any cute, tangible thing from a rather jumble of colorful bricks was a gleeful, fulfilling activity for a 6-year-old me and my league of schoolmates.

Nothing has changed; the kids and LEGO, that is. Just fancy toys trying to take over. LEGO still reigns supreme because of its complex simplicity. Give a pack to any child and watch him/her suddenly transform into a cool magician performing the funnest trick. That’s not all, psychological and physiological proof abound.

Here are some of the benefits LEGO to Children:


Enhances Critical Thinking:

Lego blocks come in different shapes, sizes, colors and characters. They usually come unarranged in the packs with a picture in front and a manual showing you how the complete project should look. The process it takes them to figure out how to put the pieces together; the manipulations, color control and arrangement is always s a tasking process. Even adults, also find it difficult to put some Lego pieces together. This process usually helps kids to think better. Their brain power experiences a boost and this is better than most toys can give them.


It Improves Creativity:

Some Lego building blocks especially the older ones usually come without a theme. Children have to figure out what to make with the blocks, thereby expanding their creative capabilities. Many kids usually try to make things they see around them, like their home, school, parent’s cars and more. Even the packs that come with specific themes, you would still find kids trying to make something different or make it look more interesting. These skills which they learn from Legos usually go a long way in their day to day interactions as they are always thinking creatively.



Improves communication and cooperative skills:

It’s been proven that building blocks are amongst the best toys for children in play groups. The process of trying to complete a particular building block puzzle helps them to be able to communicate with one another to find out the best way to complete the task. Kids learn to help one another and proffer solutions which help them to be able to cooperate more in other aspects of their lives.



So, do  you agree?

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