The more you read, the less you see. The more you shop, the more you save.  Unlike BODMAS the Jumia Fashion Clearance sales redefines the principles of Mathematics and leaves shoppers in awe trying to decipher why and how less is more.

Jumia is bringing to you the first online Fashion Clearance Sale of the year from Monday, 18th to Sunday 7th of February, 2016 at up to a ground breaking 80% discount of your favourite items.

Frankly, the only thing that is discounted from the fashion items is the price, shop for all your premium brands from your wristwatches, fragrances, bags, beauty products, sleek shoes, causal and corporate outfits. You have the faultless opportunity to change your wardrobe and tick out your fashion goals from your 2016 do list.

Is your wardrobe having a deja vu? From fashion’s ever-evolving trends, styles we thought were dead and buried to styling up in 2016, birthing fashion drifts and top notch brands. For all upward trend Fashionistas, it would be a mega-hit back to back at from 2015 to 2016.

Hurry now! Download the Jumia app or subscribe to our newsletter if you have not done that already. Remember! Less is more! Jumia will be offering 80% discount will be on a platter of a first come, first serve basis.