Let’s Play a Game about Choice! Dodo or Boli, Where do You Belong?


Tea or Coffee? Which do you prefer?!

This thing about choice can be tough especially if you like both. Some people don’t have a thing to worry about, they’ve already chosen their camp. Yet, there are some things in this life that you can’t have both of, right? An alternative must be forgone.

Just imagine you were presented with any of these options and you’re to stick with just one for the rest of your life, which would your choice be? P.S. You can’t have a mix of them.

  Boli / DODO

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Jollof / Fried rice


Beef / fish


 Ewedu / OKRA 


Moin-moin / Akara


turkey / CHICKEN  


Asun / Suya

Monochrome / Colours

Hair: RELAXED / Natural




Zanzibar / Morocco


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