Loving courts – Womens Shoes


“[rad-hl]Loving courts: Womens shoes[/rad-hl]”

Women’s shoes are the trendiest. They come in different types, most of which are undoubtedly must haves for every lady and can suit most women’s lifestyle & different occasions. Ladies always have a wide variety to look out for when shopping for shoes.

Today, we are highlighting court shoes as they are one of the most popular kind of shoes that normally moves with every trend. According to history, court shoes or pumps where made and worn by men and this originated from France. I can remember seeing classic British men’s shoes and they looked so much like court shoes without high heels though.

Court shoes come in different styles and colors, some are more comfortable than others. They come in open & closed toes, Stilettos, Blocked heels, pumps. I prefer closed front court shoes because they make you look smart, at the same time Hot. This definitely varies for every lady depending on their taste. When it comes to top brands of court shoes, no one can argue that Christian Louboutin has one of the best and most popular court shoes even though its really pricey. Here is a list of carefully selected shoes, some of the hottest and best styles of court shoes you can get in Nigeria in our fashion store, all for the stylish woman.

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1. [rad-hl]Hot Lips Suede Court Shoes With Detail Spike[/rad-hl]

2. [rad-hl]Lasonia Glittered Court Shoes-Black[/rad-hl]

3. [rad-hl]Nine West Leather court shoes[/rad-hl]

4. [rad-hl]Madison Kendall – Neon Pink[/rad-hl]

5. [rad-hl]Soda Adesk Court Shoes-Navy Blue [/rad-hl]

6. [rad-hl]PLUM Sandy Cut-Out Court Shoes-Black[/rad-hl]

7. [rad-hl]Linx Leather Pumps With Large Buckle – Red[/rad-hl]

8. [rad-hl] PLUM Violet Floral Print Court Shoes-Black[/rad-hl]

9. [rad-hl]PLUM Campbell-Red Court Shoes[/rad-hl]

10. [rad-hl]Pumps with Pointed tip – Pink[/rad-hl]


This article was written by Olamide Amosu