Moth to a Flame | Christmas Blues


Where there is a desire, there is bound to be a flame. When there is a flame, the moths (people) will make kamikaze moves into lights bulbs with such reckless abandon that will sweep you off your feet. Be careful, the flame might leave you with Christmas Blues.

Such is the attraction many have had towards their stomach infrastructure: from the legendary Christmas rice, mouth- watering Chicken, drinks, merry making and lots more. The 2016 Yuletide season is arguably one of the best in recent times despite the economic situation, stomach infrastructure seems to be unaffacted

Overindulgence during Christmas as career prospects and dignity gets thrown out the window during office parties, alcohol replaces water, and food consumed as if there is no tomorrow, all leads to a serious anti-climax which makes some people feel blue and almost unable to return to their normal routine. As bad as post Christmas depression is, it has nothing on embarrassing party antics, overeating, binge drinking and over spending.

Here are a few tips to help overcome the Christmas blues:

  • After the excitement of Christmas, going back to a regular, mundane routine is enough to lower anybody’s spirits. A good way to alleviate this feeling of ennui is to create something to look forward to.
  • If you are feeling listless and uninspired following the Christmas period, there is nothing guaranteed to energize you so much as stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a few risks.
  • Get your finances in order – the damage Christmas has wreaked on people – hanging over their head. Rather than worrying about it, sit down and sort out your financial situation. See what shape you are in financially and, if necessary, set yourself a budget for the next few months or so.
  • While it may be tempting to bury your sorrows under piles of junk food, a healthy diet is actually much more effective at helping you feel good.