My Music, My Theraphy


music therapy on Jumia

Anyone ever had a song calm their nerves before? I have. Music for me is such a therapy! This quickly reminds me of an experience I once had, a friend of mine had cunningly borrowed some reasonable amount of money from me, which I warned him that if he did not return it before the week ran out, I would have been completely stranded, it was a foolish decision, I know but there I was trying to be a good brethren. But then, it turned out that my friend had played a fast one on me as he completely ignored all of my calls, so I remember being really furious whenever I gave him a call, but he had a caller tune that was really nice and many times I caught myself shaking my head to the song telling myself to look on the brighter side of things despite my anger. That always did the trick! Not that I stopped being angry at my friend, but the music of the caller tune did the magic at that point in time.

I am a great lover of good music, it does wonders to my entire being, it changes my mood almost instantly, especially the R&Bs, they are slow and magical. I get so emotional with this genre of music, they sometimes even bring sweet memories, generally creating a calming effect. Some of my best songs of time would be Phill Colllin’s Think twice, I am big on Dido’s collection, I’m a huge fan of Don Moen as well and I am currently in love with all songs by Third Day. Soft rock is another group of music that I love, not so big on hip-hops except for a few and of course by Nigerian musicians.

This article was written by Aisha Aburime.