Must-Have Accessories For Your New Smartphone


Smartphones were once considered a luxury. However, today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. In fact, it has become a necessity as they do not only help people keep in touch but can also allow them to get whatever they need. Nonetheless, when you buy a phone, all that you get is a phone with a few accessories, such as a charger and an earphone. There is a lot more than you can buy separately to improve your overall experience of using the phone. You can buy any of the accessories at a very affordable price on Jumia.

Power Banks

Despite carrying a lot of advanced features, mobile phones still don’t have infinite battery life. You’ll have to recharge them from time to time. Since charging points aren’t always accessible, carrying a phone power bank now becomes essential. If you do not have a power bank, you can get one on Jumia.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Modern Bluetooth speakers are more compact and convenient to carry around. They are now wireless and come with really innovative features and eye-catching designs. Power banks have excellent sound performance, built-in LED and rechargeable batteries that can run for 5 to 8 hours. With the portable Bluetooth speaker, you will say goodbye to boredom.


You can easily go without a smartwatch. However, considering how much time and effort it can save you from having to open your bag and fish out your devices, it may actually be worth it. You can answer calls, send text messages and check your email even if your phone isn’t around.


Whether you’re on a flight or just walking around the city, blasting your favorite music can make the activity more worthwhile. A headphone is a great option for music enthusiasts. Apart from the good audio performance, it also has the ability to collect noise data and cancel them.