My JumiaExperience: Twitter Personality TweetOracle Shares his Experience Shopping on


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As we continue to grow there are major factors helping the growth of this company and one of it is the experience our customers take away from shopping with us. This week we’ll be sharing a Jumia Experience story from one of Nigeria’s Biggest Online Personalities ‘TweetOracle aka Auracool

If you have been online long enough you must have heard or seen his tweets on twitter and you might have won some of his recharge cards in his Twitter Giveaways. He has a large audience on Twitter 40,000+ followers and growing he is one of the most vibrant ‘Social Media Marketers’ in Nigeria. TweetOracle has worked with major brands and celebrities such as NGE, Etisalat, Sterling Bank, DonJazzy, Tonte Dike and many more. Sit back, relax and listen to his JumiaExperience.

Name: Paul Ezeudoh Popularly Known as @Tweetoracle/Auracool on Twitter

My JumiaExperience 

“I found out about on Twitter, through one of my Followers Tweets on my Timeline recommending them as the best online retailer in the country. I thought it was all brags because people say that all the time on twitter. Later in the day I went on to check out their website, on getting there I was so impressed because it was just like where I did most of my shopping back in the United Kingdom when I lived there.

I said to myself this is a great Concept but can they really pull it off with delivery services required and knowing how things are in Nigeria….. I had my reservations.

With all my reservations in mind I went ahead to buy from their website. I ordered for HP Envy 4-TouchSmart 4-1103ea Ultrabook and HP Travel Essential Kit to go with. It was easy ordering because I had the option of payment on delivery so I was like this is really cool I don’t have to worry about my money getting stuck I will only pay when I get my order. An Hour After I got a call from a ‘customer Service rep’ to tell me my order will be delivered within 1-5 Working days.

To my Surprise 2 days after I placed my order I got yet another call from a ‘delivery guy’ from to tell me he is on his way to deliver my order. Shortly after he delivered I opened up the box and both items I ordered where in perfect condition. I was amazed like how did it take me this long to find this Wonder Machine because all I have to do is to seat down on my laptop and Shop Online Like I am working Twitter (Social media Marketing). Now I feel even more confident to recommend them to every Nigerian that can read and write LOL if that translates to computer literacy. You can’t afford to carry last with shopping on“

Here is @Tweetoracle recommending his online wonder machine to his Followers.


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