Flat Out Fabulous; Your Favorite New Arrivals!


Hello Fashionistas! Your favorite wears just arrived on Jumia! Its sizzling hot from fierce monochrome wears to stylish playful prints that will turn heads any day. Be one of the few to take advantage of this latest fashion as stock runs out really fast.

Indulge in new designer bags and shoes this season for a chic and classy finish. There is no better time to shop these quality products at the best prices that will keep you smiling all day long. Even your pocket will thank you for it!

Monochromatic Moods

New Arrivals 1                                          edge-clothing-5592-875602-1-zoom

  zara-women-0433-254851-1-zoom                                                   vanessa-s-secret-0277-769602-1-zoom

Flirty Floral

 lasonia-0027-376102-1-zoom                                                    south-beach-0860-157841-1-zoom

edge-clothing-5545-555602-1-zoom                                                    edge-clothing-9134-500002-1-zoom


Revive Your Animal Instincts

sabora-9348-844561-1-zoom                                                new-york-company-0972-158202-1-zoom

   south-beach-3999-278841-1-zoom                                                       xoxo-3709-12584-1-zoom


Playful in Prints

j-j-6491-470102-1-zoom                                                 muna-by-gzk-4056-126702-1-zoom

design-for-love-4323-633531-1-zoom                                                 virtue-clothier-2278-560891-1-zoom

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This article was written by Aisha Aburime