New Brand Alert- Goddiva Clothing


The difference between style and fashion isn’t really far-fetched; as fashion is temporary but style is permanent. Very few brands are able to stay relevant over a long period of time. Few brands are able to keep up with the fashion trends one of such is brands is ‘[rad-hl]Goddiva Clothing[/rad-hl]’. This is a high street clothing brand for the trendy and stylish women. The female fashion forward brand is inspired by celebrity fashion trends and helping women to get the style without having to pay as much for the latest trend.

[rad-hl]Goddiva brand[/rad-hl] is available worldwide to all ladies and their clothing range from [rad-hl]Tops[/rad-hl] to  [rad-hl]dresses[/rad-hl], Pants, [rad-hl]Skirts[/rad-hl], [rad-hl]Jumpsuits [/rad-hl]and more. Celebrities seem to have a thing for the Goddiva style as they have on numerous occasions rocked this ensemble on the red carpet while the brand also makes appearances in a lot of style magazines such as close magazine, daily mail online & fabulous magazine.

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You can get your favorite celebrity looks with some of [rad-hl]Goddiva clothing’s[/rad-hl]. Their fashion collections include Goddiva denim, Goddiva girl for the very chicky lady, Monochrome collection bringing back retro style, Jose gibson for Goddiva the celebrity’ style collection and Global traveller collection.

Wondering where you may get hooked up with your own Goddiva garb? Look no further. Jumia Fashion is the largest online fashion store in Nigeria growing bigger everyday with more trendy fashion collections to help the Nigerian woman look as gorgeous and stunning in everything she buys and wears. The [rad-hl]Goddiva Female clothing[/rad-hl] brand is one of the newest female fashion brand in jumia’s Fashion store with affordable clothing ranging from N4,000 to N9,000.

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