The New Face of Jumia


If you have missed out thrills for the #NewFaceOfJumia contest that has been going on our facebook, BBM channel and Twitter now is the time to part of this exciting contest. jumia is giving you an opportunity to stake and your claim and be part of the decision making process.

Simply vote for one of our six finalists that you would love to be the New Face of Jumia by typing the number allocated to them in the comments box. While you are busy selecting the pretty faces, swag and best poses, feel free to enjoy and comment on the juicy contents of our blog that best appeals to you.

The voting starts now!

Contestant 1

New face of Jumia


Contestant 2

12074718_875821159164640_1259991538702443199_n (1)


Contestant 3

New face of Jumia


Contestant 4

New face of Jumia


Contestant 5



Contestant 6

Kalesanwo Ayobami


Contestant 7


112 thoughts on “The New Face of Jumia”

  1. Contestant 5 is who am voting 4,wthout mch mkeup on she is still pretty. The odas re beautiful bt nt 2 d luks of contestant 5

  2. The outfit is overkilling, the best match outfit I see here….. Good it’s coming from a real g!

  3. Contest 7 she look pretty cool,have a sexy status and more advertising dan the order, so as for me I will take her in for dat ?

  4. i vote for contester 1 she look gorgouse & exellent in that dress

  5. I believe Contestant 7 has it all cuz she’s Pretty and her Environment is Natural and Cool… Thanks

  6. Contestant nr. 2 is d best. Infact, he is supposed to be made first on the list. I’m surprised a guy arranged the list and couldn’t make the guy first on the list. His series is so hot and completely matched. I have only seen my husband dressed like this. Kudos to that guy.

    1. Seriously…… You shouldn’t have bring up your husband in this. He is cool and even the best here, but note that it is not only your husband and this guy that does this…. Your husband maybe learning from someone. 🙂

  7. Contestant 1
    She’s both beautiful and classy
    Trust me those eyes of hers coupled with her sexy shape would fetch Jumia even more customers

  8. Contestant 5. She’s natural, young and cute. Her being the face of Jumia will be so perfect. C’mon Jumia we need a Young nice Face….*smiles*

  9. Come on guys, are we still debating this? Contestant 5 alllll the way. She looks pleasantly gorgeous. No be lie.

  10. Contestant no. 5 is a cheat, she keeps commenting by her self, that’s not fair enough.

    She’s not worth it but wanna override everyone by voting herself through. The outstanding I’ve seen here which are worthy is Contestant no. 1 and 2. If you’re looking for masculine face of Jumia, Contestant 2 is too cool and if feminine, no lady bests contestant 1

    Thank you.

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