By Naija- Nigerian Fashion is the Future


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There’s the popular phrase ‘Nobody loves the French’. I’m not exactly sure how that quote came about or how much reason it musters. I mean they have their name co-signing two of the finer things in life, French fries and the French kiss! But on the serious side of things, the main reason I beg to differ and think we all should learn from the French is their solidarity to home made goods and brands. The French are known to be more than willing to pay more for their local brands to the point that a ‘Made in France’ tag attached to a product is a major selling point taken up by producers.

This is a trend we as Nigerians should be looking to adopt and with good reason too taking into consideration how much our fashion industry has grown in recent years. Our textiles are of premium texture and style and have even found their way into the wardrobe of some of the biggest celebrities worldwide such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange and Kelis. Our fashion pieces are more affordable than most and are still of the superior quality and modern style. Lagos Fashion Week has grown to become a highlight event which has drawn curious attention and admiration from the rest of the World. This is why our new generation of fashion designers, stylists and bloggers are beginning to lay claim to the fact that Nigerian fashion is the future. They are not wrong.

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The good people of Jumia, in a bid to help the growth of the Nigerian fashion industry, have launched the [rad-hl]By Naija[/rad-hl] campaign, a subsection of the [rad-hl]Fashion Focus Week[/rad-hl]where the very best of Nigerian fashion would be on offer at the fairest of prices for customers to take full advantage of. This is Fashion for Nigerians by Nigerians. These pieces showcase the creativity and ingenuity of some of our most brilliant Nigerian designers whose collections could ease their way effortlessly to any runway on God’s green earth.  The array of Nigerian fashion pieces up for purchase also make up the perfect picks for the stylish and contemporary individuals especially in a year we celebrate 100 years of existence.


Indulge yourself in clothing by [rad-hl]David Wej[/rad-hl] – A brand committed to redefining style, [rad-hl]Chiroma Banks[/rad-hl]– The fashion line for the young and young at heart , [rad-hl]Scuup[/rad-hl]– The contemporary choice for fashion conscious women and [rad-hl]Virtue clothier[/rad-hl]– The brand that brings together simplicity, elegance and style. Other brands you might want to keep an eye out for include [rad-hl]TT Dalk[/rad-hl] – for footwear that complete and compliment your look, [rad-hl]24[/rad-hl] – for casual wears with premium poise, [rad-hl]Efia[/rad-hl] – the quality shoes that make a statement and Ajeh Clothing – urban tees with an African touch. The list is endless and all I can implore you to do right now is to step in and shop your style.

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The By Naija store is sub-categorized into Men casual, Men formal, Women casual, Women formal, Men shoes, Women shoes, Men accessories, Women accessories, Women bags, Make up and Hair products to ensure there is a little something for everybody. So whether you for looking for clothes that would make you the quintessential gentleman, apparels that would get you mistaken for a celebrity, shoes that will bring the world to your feet or hair products that will make sure you never experience a bad hair day ever again, we have got you covered.

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There is no place like home so let’s help create and keep jobs at home in our little way by supporting our local brands.  With this the economy with stay vibrant and it will bring us even closer to the Nigeria we dream of.

More importantly you then have a wardrobe that would be the envy of your peers! So [rad-hl]click here[/rad-hl] to start shopping!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti