Do Nigerian Men Contribute More To Domestic Affairs?


One would wonder how and why men have decided to get more involved in the domestic affairs of the home. It seems there is paradigm shift in the thought patterns of Nigerian men to be precise as the need to help their wives has never been this germane.

Although it is said that women find men doing domestic activities, a recent study by Nigeria’s number one online retail store, Jumia, revealed that Nigerian men have become more domesticated as opposed to their wives. Wondering what the female folks are doing these days?

The study shows that men make up 57% of the customers that generally purchase house hold items, while women make up 43%.

Pie chart


Quite alarming is the fact that for items like fridges, dishwashers, cooling appliances and cooking appliances are predominantly purchased by men having a lion’s share totaling 80%, while the women account for 20% of these items

For the demography, it’s no surprise that 56% of the customers in the home category are from Lagos State, 15% from Federal Capital Territory, 10% from Rivers State, 3% from Delta State, 3% From Edo state, 3% from Oyo State, 2% from Ogun state, 2% from Kaduna State, while rest cuts across other states.

Bar Chart

Interestingly, online buyers less than 20yrs are just 1% of the total; 20-30yrs make up 29% of the total purchase, 30-40 years sum up to 43%, ages 40-50yrs are 20% and the senior citizens 50yrs and above make up to 6%.