More on NSFDW- Meet Upcoming Designers


“Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week”

Its the final post on the Nigerian Student Fashion and Design week and today, we will meet the last but not least category of upcoming student designers .

Nigeria student fashion week on Jumia

Meet ‘Omirin Oluwatunmise’ CEO of Sway Stitches

Its Oluwatunmise’s first official collections and she would be showing her creativity at the NSFD Week. She has a flair for African fabrics and she loves to go retro.


Meet ‘Ubasom Josemaria Kelechukwu Ibekwe-uche’ CEO of Bane

He is a fashion designer and a student of Physics. He is very creative and has a knack for details. He resides in Enugu state and  frequently visits Lagos to meet –up the growing demands of the fashionable ladies of the city.

Be sure to look out for the best upcoming student designer in the year 2014. Do not miss out on the new and fresh collections these designers have to showcase at the Event tomorrow; Nigerian Student Fashion Week.

See you there

This article was written by Aisha Aburime