Jona on the Road ‘Delivering to Jumia customers’


My name is Jonathan Doerr, I recently moved to Nigeria a few months ago from Germany, and since I have been here, I have visited a few places to have a feel of what Lagos has to offer and also know more people in Nigeria.

As the Managing Director of Marketing, I meet people often during meetings but I have not really had that feel of what it is like to  experience Jumia’s amazing service as a customer. I decided to take a journey into the suburbs of Lagos to know more about the awesome people Jumia delivers to, which explains my day off as a delivery man.

Jona 1

You can already imagine ‘Me Oyinbo’ delivering to customers; Very strange right? Sure, it is not everyday you come across such in this part of the world. Yesterday I started my delivery rounds from 7am in Ikeja and headed to Iyana ipaja. I have never been to that part of Lagos but I figured it will be an experience worthwhile. We hit the ground running and my first customer had this look like ‘Who is this?” When I said I was from Jumia, He was surprised as I introduced myself to him as the MD of Marketing. He was a returning customer so he had a lot to share with me about his experience shopping on Jumia. It was an interesting chat.

Jona 2

Jona 3

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My day went on quite well despite the hustle & bustle of Lagos, and the traffic! that’s for another day. In total, I met with 21 customers and delivered almost everything; Fridges, Televisions, Gas cookers and even Fashion. After meeting all the customers and having a chat with them, I got to know more about our customers & Nigerians. It was also not easy finding some addresses but at the end of the day, Jumia is like your Satellite Navigation, we make things happen no matter the challenges.

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My delivery rounds ended at 5pm and It has been the biggest experience I have had so far living in Lagos.

Catch me on the road another time.