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So the oscars as we all know is a yearly event celebrating the best performing acts in hollywood and it is one of the most anticipated/watched awards around the world. This year the oscars was as glamorous as you can imagine with everyone making the best effort to strike that memorable oscar red carpet moment.

Some of the biggest names in hollywood rose at the very top winning awards also sweeping you off with their red carpet fashion moments. Here is the fashion highlight from the red carpet session, who wore it well and rocked the spotlight.

Also the gorgeous African Star, Lupita gave the most emotional speech at the oscars after taking home the award for best supporting actress for her role in 12 years a slave.

The highlight of the red carpet had Lupita capturing hearts in her prada dress as she has reinvented ladies head band.

Back to the glitz and glamour from the oscars red carpet.

Best dressed couples

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This article was written by Olamide Amosu