Where do people keep their tickets?


Do you use Bus Rapid Transport (BRT)? If yes, where do you keep your tickets?

Funny question right? I guessed so too. But as I boarded a BRT to work one morning, the thought just strung up in my head.

Do you litter your tickets on the floor? Or do you keep it with you until the end of the ride?

Even if you keep the tickets successfully until the end of the ride, where do you drop it? Do you drop it outside the bus? Or you trash it in the waste can at work?


Where do you keep your tickets?


There is something about living in this part of the world that is peculiar with littering things on the floor.

It is more like a norm to buy Gala sausage rolls in traffic accompanied by some energy drink and dump them out of our vehicles.

In a city of hustlers on the go, all day, all week, it can only be interpreted as normal. Normal to drop tickets on the bus or maybe on the way.


Why do these things happen?


What if there was a trash can everywhere, would you still drop used items on the floor?

No! I noticed that a culture or a tradition can be incorporated as a popular culture if the needed amenities are readily available. The key to development is providing the needed tools and letting people make better use of them.

I have stayed in a work-space where trash cans are readily available at every desk. This is to curtail littering. It became a popular culture and the work-space was never littered.

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The fastest way to learn is by doing, and I believe if these trash cans can are provided everywhere even in buses; we could be on our way to eradicating waste that would be recyclable for better things.

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