In Phantom Zone? Lets make you a Fashion icon!


Why be old and grand or young and trendy when you can both? Whichever you prefer, the Jumia Fashion & Beauty week has got you covered!

From ‘it is not a thing’ with minimalistic tendencies to vintage loving slay queens and rocking the IT-girl.

Jumia understands the begging need for you to be a Fashion savage this year and that is why we have invited you  Come and rock our favourite brands like Forever 21, Bata, Virtue Clothier, Jay Osbie, New Religion, Casio, Duke and more at blockbuster prices.

It is a matter of proportions and frankly everytime you take a peek, the style in you must be stimulated to evolve and join the Jumia Fashion train.

Time to mix, match, choose what fits your style and enjoy amazing discounts in the Jumia Fashion & Beauty week  .