PlayStation 4 – This Christmas’ Must Have in Nigeria



With All the Buzz this year about the Playstation 4 coming out, a lot of people have waited for the day it will be released and finally they released on Tuesday. Believe it or not, the Playstation 4 sold out in the first 24 hours with over 1 million consoles sold in that first 24hours. It sounds crazy but that is what happens when there is a game changer like Playstation 4. It is the new gaming revolution bringing the new age for gamers.

The New Playstation 4 is ahead of the yet to be released X box One that will be launched in a few weeks. I am sure gamers are wondering which will be the hottest this holiday seeing that Christmas is 35 days away in Nigeria LOL. Well this is the fact, Playstation has already killed the figures of X box before it has been released, making it this year’s Top gadget as well as the hotlist for Christmas this year.


What makes the Playstation 4 different from all the others and what are it’s Unique selling points? Here are the Playstation 4’s key features

1. Dual Shock 4: This is at the top of the list because of the big improvements made with the PS controller from the previous versions. The dual analog sticks can be anything you want it to be with the touchpad and smoother gear sticks allowing better grip in motion also with new trigger buttons.


2. Playstation Plus: With this, players on Playstation 4 can interact online and play games with others encouraging multi-player system via Playstation plus (ps4). The Playstation plus also grants gamers access to their ps4 console for fast game download online.

3. Indie Support: One of the greater promises gamers looked forward to with the Playstation 4 is the Indie games so players can play their favorite indie games on Playstation 4 soon.

4. Play as you download:I would say this very  feature was tailored to us in Nigeria with less than fast internet service. So basically you can actually be playing your new downloaded game while it is still downloading. ‘Wondering how that will work? Since we are never patient with the slow internet we have in Nigeria when you are downloading a game online with your Playstation 4, the files are usually large which will take time to download. So instead of waiting before PHCN takes light you can start playing parts of the Game while it is downloading until all the parts download. Amazing feature for us in Nigeria

5. Remote Player: The Playstation 4 fully supports ps vita allowing users to connect via wifi and play games on the 5inch pocketable Vita console. Well for people like me who own the PsVita, i can easily connect to my brothers Playstation 4 and play more games with the High definition. Amazing!!!

I also forgot to mention that the Playstation 4 comes fully kitted with all you need to set up your console hdmi cable, power cable and this time there is headset for easy communication with other players. Who thought that could be possible talking to players when connected online, well Sony is giving you more with the Playstation 4.

Not Convinced yet? Make your pick from (Refer to Ps4 vs X box one post [rad-hl]Here[/rad-hl])

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This Article Was Written By Olamide Amosu

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