Quality Headphones to Have


This is one struggle every music lover can relate to. You get a headphone and in less than a week, maybe a month, one piece of the headphone stops working right between your favorite hit song. You want to scream. After you spent good money on it from the local store. Now you know, you didn’t get quality headphones.

But trust us! We are always here to help. Check out our best picks of quality headphones you can get at affordable prices and with lasting value.

Skull Candy headphones
The Skullcandy Headphone features a stylish look with and equally fantastic sound quality. It delivers solid bass and detailed high-end response and remote for taking calls and controlling most smartphones.


LG Stereo Headset
Boasting sleek, handy designs, fast Bluetooth connectivity, the LG headset is the most viable mobile compatible headset for Android, iOS, BB and other devices.


SMS Audio
These headphones are ideal for people who want to eliminate unwanted noise while in loud environments. Featuring active noise cancellation technology and soft leather ear cushion for superior studio grade audio.


Beats by Dr. Dre
Favored by recording artists, athletes and celebrities alike, Beats literally gives you the beat like no other. Sporting very high-end design and sound output, prices vary from mid-range to premium.


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