Real Men Wear Pink


Real men wear ….Pink.  For those of us that have embraced this color as gender neutral, we “proverbially wear” this statement on our chest.  Now is this to say that those who are tone shy are not real men? It sounds awfully silly to say “Fake men don’t wear pink.”  So allow me to rephrase – Really Stylish and Confident Men Wear Pink.

Pink, which most men refer to as salmon or chambray, should be a staple color in your wardrobe.  It’s a trend that has had long sustaining power in the bold world of male fashion. In other words, pink used in men’s fashion is not going away.  In order to successfully wear pink you need to do the following two things: style it correctly and have confidence.

pink fashion style for men

As with any bright color, remember that less is more. If you are new to the color start off by wearing one piece from your ensemble in the infamous color (like a pink shirt or pink blazer). Also, make sure that the shade you choose goes well with your skin tone. If you have a darker complexion, you’ll typically look better in a lighter, pastel pink. If you have a lighter complexion, you’ll look better in a darker pink. In general, pink is a better choice for darker-skin men, which is why it should be a popular color choice for Nigerians. In case you are wondering what colors go best with pink, pinks pair well with just about every color — white, khaki, cream, black, or brown. It unarguably looks the very best with charcoal gray. Blue is another particularly good choice.

mens wear

As for confidence, make no mistake, it takes a confident man to wear pink. Typically, it’s a man who has a unique sense of style and likes to stand out.  Formal shirts are one of the easiest ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe. They are easily worn with suits, under sweaters or on their own with trousers or jeans. We understand that not every man will feel comfortable wearing pink, but we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. Or else, you won’t be considered a “real man”.  Just kidding!


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