Why You Should Get A Rechargeable Fan…


I am one of those people who get hot and sweaty easily when there is little or no ventilation. This especially when I am asleep in the middle of the night and PHCN strikes. And I am either too tired to start the Generating Set, busy or too broke to get fuel.

Then google introduced me to the rechargeable fan. And oh my! Life has never remained the same ever since. God bless awesome technology. Honestly, imagine the freedom of enjoying constant cool, fresh breeze despite the power supply situation in the country. Heavenly.

andrakk-7360-70214-1-productQSF-18FitRechargeable Fan

What makes this even more blissful is the choice range. Ranging from small, table-sized, low-end, high-end, to blade-less, ceiling and standing units that last for up to 6-12 hours, the rechargeable fan is an essential appliance for every Nigerian. Picture the possibilities. Rechargeable fan at home, in AC-less car, offices, camp, event centres etc. I tell you, it’s a world of possibilities.

Time to say goodbye to warm, power-less ambience and a very good welcome to fresh air!!

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