Red wine or White Wine?


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A wise man once said “The taste of the food is in the eating” The same ought to be said of wines as preference lies in palette friendliness. As cooking is referred to as art, so does [rad-hl]wine[/rad-hl] selection involve some form of expertise that still depends on your preference as the end consumer.

Wine lovers and critics are known to engage in arguments about which wines are the best, eventually such conclusions can be narrowed down to the taste for most drinkers.

Are you over there thinking wines are for ‘bad people?’ Do you sometimes wonder why people even drink apart from as social occasion demands? Well wines generally have their pros and cons and even serve as health boosters y reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering risk of cancer, improving the heart and a whole others.

Naturally, I tend to ask people’s opinion a lot about life as I believe in seeing things/life through the eyes of others. Understanding people’s perspective on this issue isn’t different so I did some research. Here is a Short story about my wine lovers’ research.

I met this person a couple of years back and we developed a closeness based on regular talking, in the course of our regular gist we found out that we shared almost the same taste for wine. There was a twist though: He loved [rad-hl]white wine[/rad-hl]while I prefer my red. Don’t get me wrong, I mean [rad-hl]white wine[/rad-hl]is sweet but a little bit too sweet for me and I feel it doesn’t bring out the freshness of the taste in wine. Anyway, I decided to be open-minded and so i decided to try a different type of white wine. Now this one was amazing but had a lot of bubbly, and let me add that I really do not like gas. Eventually, it wasn’t long till i found myself wondering back to [rad-hl]red wine[/rad-hl].

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What is it about [rad-hl]red wine[/rad-hl] that held me spellbound? Was it the fresh smell of the fruit, or how chilled it can be when you take the first cool glass? I really can’t pin point why but i have a good taste for selecting fine [rad-hl]red wine[/rad-hl].

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Like I said; Personal preference

For people wondering how to make decisions concerning what wine to stock up on, either when dining out, having guests or even trying to get a collection for your bar, here are some hints for selection:

1. Know why are buying the wine.

For those that are going out of their way to buy a wine there must be a reason behind your purchase. This is important because different wines are suitable for different occasions. As stated earlier, some wines go better with dining out rather than a family get-together.

Quick tip- if you are choosing a wine for a dinner you need to make sure that it goes well with your meal, Light meals go with light wine (Mostly [rad-hl]white wine[/rad-hl]) and heavy Nigerian meals are better served with the finest [rad-hl]red wine[/rad-hl].. not too light but it does a good job of absorbing the taste of the meal.

For family occasions you might want to go for sweeter wines now these could be [rad-hl]red or white wine[/rad-hl]but take the taste into consideration above all. If it is a gift for your boss or someone older than you, try looking for an original flavored brand preferably red wine.

2. Know your budget

The general perception about wine prices are that they are expensive but this depends on the type of wine you are buying. There are cheap wines especially [rad-hl]red wines[/rad-hl]that cost less than N1000 for a bottle and they are original. Yes! Less than N1000!! There are also the expensive vintage wines that don’t come cheap except they are fake. These days a good wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, some cheap wine’s taste good and serve the purpose for which you want them for.

3. Regional preference.

Everyone knows that some of the oldest wine producing countries are European countries such as Italy, Spain, France & Germany. Now these countries have been making wines before any of us can remember and they are known for good/quality wines produced from their vineyards. If it comes down to regional preference for selecting wine i would advise you select for those produced by the old wine producing countries. This does not mean you should not go for those produced in Africa or more recent wine making countries such as Australia, South Africa or America. They do have some really good taste coming out from these regions and are worth a try.

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Remember, wines aren’t only for dining, they are awesome as gifts and they come in handy when bringing people together because every empty wine bottle is filled with stories.