How to select the right Fragrance for an occasion


Gone are the days when Vaseline was all you needed. Nowadays a man’s top shelf must buckle with a bottled array of ‘smellies’ if he holds any hope of rubbing shoulders with the perfumed dandies, flatterers at court or at least his colleagues.

With an assortment of fragrances befitting only formal events and others made solely for the casual day-to-day, you can easily get left behind or, worse still, end up succumbing to one of the many sensory pitfalls

The truth is, you may not ever find the perfect scent to pledge your eternal allegiance to but you can have a damn good time trying. Sniffing out your perfect fragrance comes down to two things: your preference and your body’s chemistry. But if you are looking to conquer, enchant or seduce, this post is for you.

Its the beginning of the year and the season to make fashion statements about the next eau de whatever you decide to spray on your wrists and neck. You choose the right shoes for the occasion. The right outfit. The correct hairstyle. Why isn’t your fragrance selected with the same diligence?

Trust me when I tell you, When it comes to standing out, the nose knows.

At Work: So what smells like team spirit? Something lighter with citrus notes and an aromatic undertone will leave you smelling fresh without causing your desk neighbour any headaches.

After Work: Perhaps you don’t like smelling the same at post-work drinks as you did when you were crunching the numbers an hour ago. Or maybe you’re trying to impress your office crush while going about your daily business. Either way, sometimes it pays to switch up your fragrance when moving from business to pleasure with your colleagues.

An Interview: you are ready to move onto greener pastures new and have secured an interview. Lucky you. Irrespective of the reason, both require smelling like the business when faced with a potential employer.

Wedding Ceremonies: So formal and apparently ‘special’ are weddings that it would be remiss not to smell as smart as you look. The best thing about the whole shebang is that it’s one situation in which flamboyance and posturing are not only acceptable, here but positively encouraged. there’s no better time to throw caution to the wind and air your most distinctive smell yet than when you’re pulsating in the midst of a throng of dad dancers and emotional bridesmaids.

Dates: Your glistening and intoxicating personality will do most of the work tonight, for sure. But why not ensure a second date by leaving a lingering scent in their memory? Smells like a plan to us.

Like your choice of sock or the state of your shoes, your scent says a lot about you. So make sure it’s singing your praises and not selling you down the river.