Rise of the Titans – Luxury and Style Defined in Titan Watches


World’s 5th largest watchmaker. 1.8 billion dollars in revenue. 1 purchase every 3 seconds somewhere around the world……Catch my drift?

Since 1990, Titan watches have been a forceful lead in the industry with over 135 million customers spread across 40 different countries consistently delivering luxury and style. Our guess is as good as yours. 135 million customers can not all be wrong at the same time.

Indulge today  by getting yourself or a loved one, one of these timeless pieces.

Titan Women’s Swarovski Crystal Watches

For the glamorous lady, these are yours for the taking! Stun in this detailed layers of one of Austria’s gem items, Swarovski. They come in silver, bronze and gold. The choice is yours.

titan-9646-593281-1-zoom titan-2543-493281-1-zoom


Titan Men’s Croc Multi-functional Wrist Watches

Awaken the animal instincts in you with these adorable crocs. We guarantee you will turn heads just by wearing one.

titan-0543-733281-1-zoom                titan-0546-933281-1-zoom



Titan Men’s Chronograph Watch

This one is for the watch freak who is obsessed with every detail. You cannot go wrong in picking the Titan Chronograph watch for every man who is confident and stylish.

titan-0547-043281-1-zoom          titan-0555-543281-1-zoom


Titan Fasttrack Women’s Watch

Money Colors make the world go round. Add a pop of color to you look with any of the Titan Fasttrack collection for women. They are a must-have for every woman’s collection.

fastrack-6799-171872-1-zoom fastrack-6504-261872-1-zoom



Titan Color Women’s Swarovski Watch

Just like the Titan Chronograph watch for men, this is the perfect piece of the puzzle for the woman who is chic and loves every detail. Indulge in these Swarovski detailed amazeballs 🙂

titan-2496-273281-1-zoom      titan-2497-373281-1-zoom

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This article was written by Aisha Aburime.