The online journey of Rite Foods on the Jumia Local platform is as novel as it is inspiring, given that the transition from Brick & Mortar stores to selling online can be a daunting task.

Rite Foods is the No.1 local manufacturer of food and beverage industry, run by Mr Seleem Adegunwa. It started in 2014 with the main aim of producing world class quality of food and beverage in Nigeria that is second to none in the global landscape.

For a Nigerian based beverage company with humble beginnings, Rite Foods has overcome the odds in an industry saturated with many International Brands. Their success is due not so much to what the company did prior to launch, but how it managed to thrive after launch.

They started with the traditional beef sausage rolls which had little competition, and then they observed that the beef rolls are mostly taken with beverages so they expanded to produce a world class variety of beverages that rivals international standards.

This prompted the launch of the regular beverages, but later came up with an interesting idea of having a blend of cocktail with different fruits, the tropical flavour and also an apple drink that actually tastes different from the regular apple drinks because of its unique taste like that of an apple juice. Today, Rite Foods encompasses the traditional sausage rolls and all non-alcoholic carbonated drinks including soda.

Rite Foods joined the Jumia Local platform in November 2016 and in less than 6 months they sold more than 300,000 bottles. Rite Foods has risen through the ranks and is now one of our best sellers since the launch of the Jumia Local platform.

Jumia Local is an initiative designed to push locally manufactured brands. It features the best and most sought after products on the website providing our customers the confidence that we only offer them top quality products that align with Jumia’s values.


 Starting a beverage industry that is undertaking all operations in Nigeria has been quite a challenge especially with consumers remaining very adamant to change especially with the mentality of not wanting to try out new brands. They have been able to win the hearts of Nigerians with top quality and their taste not differing from that of their giant rivals.

“In terms of hygiene and quality it can never be better because we use the best machinery, best practices and zero human interference” says Seleem Adegunwa

Being an industry that undergoes all operation in Nigeria they have been able to employ over 3000 youths which is an estimate of the number of youth corpers in one batch stream in Lagos in just three years of establishment. And not only did they create a large number of employment, they also provide them with staff accommodation within a stone throw from the office that makes working stress free.

“Rite Foods is committed to building a sustainable brand alongside community reducing environmental damage and providing inclusive work environment for employees”

Through the Jumia local Platform they have been able to push their brand all across Nigeria and have become a well trusted brand for beverage consumers in Nigeria.


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